Reciprocal Club members can arrange a visit to our club or request dock space by contacting KHYC Club Manager at 310-376-2459 or [email protected].


As a member in good standing of The Yachting Club of America — the National Association of Yacht Clubs, KHYC enjoys reciprocity with over 550 clubs listed on the Register, in addition to the more than 80 clubs with whom we foster direct reciprocal relationships (linked list above).

Reciprocity also means our membership community extends to yacht clubs from just down the coast to around the world, fostering connections and friendships that extend across the years and across oceans.

If you are planning a trip and want to access the online Register, you can obtain the login and password from the office.

If you do not see a club listed that you would like to visit, please coordinate a letter of introduction through KHYC office at (310) 376-2459 or [email protected].