West Yard Boat Hoist New Instructions

October 15, 2020

  1. The hoist is only to be operated by adult KHYC members, due to insurance requirements.  Do not let your children or guests operate the hoist.
  2. Your yacht club key is still used to operate the hoist.
  3. The West hoist still operates as before.
  4. The controller is located in a a waterproof box on the left side of the hoist (your left when walking to the hoist from the west yard).  Please return the controller to the box when finished.  The controller hangs upside down with the cable out the bottom.
  5. The electrical box has been relocated to base of the hoist to facilitate easier access.  Due to this relocation, the hoist will not spin 360 degrees, it is limited to about 330 degrees.  Please do not attempt to spin the hoist in a direction attempting to make the hook pass between the hoists.
  6. There is an ON/OFF switch on the right side of the electrical box.  This switch is to remain ON except in emergencies or during storms.
  7. Any questions?  Contact the Club Manager, Port Captain, or Dock Master.  Their contact info is on the Club Leadership page.