Mission Statement

The Dinghy Fleet races in Junior and Adult divisions on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer and on 6 Saturdays (or Sundays) scattered throughout the year. If you need a boat, the fleet can provide one; and the fleet welcomes novices.

​Wednesday evening regattas will begin in June and continue through August. Check the KHYC calendar for exact dates. There isn’t a more pleasurable way too spend a Wednesday evening; and relaxing too if you don’t mind the crowds at the windward mark. Racing in the harbor begins at 6:30 p.m. Separate starts are given to Juniors and Adults.

​After racing, we have a potluck dinner for racers and their families, when trophies are awarded to the leading sailors. Sailors are grouped by ability, so even new sailors have a chance to win a trophy. The food is always good. So bring a dish and join the fun.

Saturday (or Sunday) regattas begin at noon with a skippers meeting. Racing begins at 12:30. Like the Wednesday evening races, there are three races in the harbor, with separate starts for Juniors and Adults. After racing, the fleet provides refreshments up at the club. The first race this year is the Dinghy Frostbite in February. Dress warm and come sailing.

You don’t need much experience or even a boat to join us.

​Novices will get help from spectators on the race dock and from sailors on the racecourse. The fleet thrives on fun and companionship; there is always room to help a fellow sailor.

If you need a boat, the KHYC Youth Foundation will try to make one available. They key to getting one is calling the fleet captain in advance of the race and/or getting to the club at least an hour before the scheduled start.

​Entry fees for the regattas are $1 for Juniors and $2 for Adults. There’s not a better deal!

​For more information call Keith Hemstreet 424-634-1288 e-mail

​See you on the water!!!