Current Racing Information

Welcome to the King Harbor Yacht Club race page.   We hope you’ll find all you need here to start or continue racing, and some extras to help you improve your boats, crews and skills if you so desire.

We’ve got a full race schedule and enthusiastic newcomers, along with experienced hands, to help us make the KHYC race program the best it can be in 2019.   We look forward to seeing you out on the water!

Twilight’s Races

Notice of Races
Sailing Instructions
Course Chart
Twilight H-Fleet Ratings
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                                     2019     Race Committee Contacts

Title                      Name                                      Phone                                            E-Mail Address

Race Chair          Dorian Harris                          310-259-1040                                Click Here

Assistant Chair    Fred Cottrell                           310-316-0574                                Click Here

KHYC  Office                                                         310-374-5848

Fax                                                                         310-376-2459