2019 Cal 20 Action Photos

The photos below are just a few of the many that were taken by our professional photographer Diana MacDougall.  If you would like a print please contact her at the web site www.bigdmacphotography.com.  The photos on this page are reduced in resolution, Diana’s photos are taken in a much higher resolution.

Cal 20 Info – www.cal20.org

There are 5 fleets in Southern California, and fleets in Tacoma, Portland, Hawaii, and British Columbia.  The King Harbor Fleet can be seen out racing every Thursday evening, during the summer, and on many weekends throughout the year.  It is both a great boat for beginners and a boat that offers high-level competition for experienced sailors.

This year’s national event included 22 boats from six different yacht clubs, and three past national champions.  Over the weekend, the competitors were treated to hors d’oeuvres, a burger bash, and a fleet meeting dinner. 

The overall winners were Chuck Clay and Pat McCormick, from Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, aboard their boat, ‘Veintiseis’.

Also receiving trophies in the Championship Fleet were:

Jeff Ives & Phil Soma (2nd)

Freddie Stevens & Fred Stevens (3rd)

Steven George & Jeff Johnson (4th)

Ron Wood & Mike Wood (5th),

Richard Welsh & Rick Sharp (6th)

Tony Collins & Crew (7th)

The winner in the Bronze fleet was Steve Lewis and the first to finish Woman at the Helm was Dorian Harris.