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King Harbor Yacht Club is the home for Fleet #5 of the Cal 20 Class Association. The California 20 sailboat is a sturdy and fun sailboat that is easy to sail, but challenging to master. Although originally built as racer/cruisers our Cal 20s are used primarily for one design racing. The Cal 20 is King Harbor’s primary keelboat one design class. Racing with other Cal 20s offer great tactical and strategic competition, and we feel a lot more fun than handicap racing.

We meet monthly, on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm, to talk about our next race, social event, boat maintenance, or just hang out and shoot the breeze. We typically race each Thursday night in the Twilight Series, and have five weekend races over the course of the season.

If you’d like more info, then please contact,
Chris Morris 310-541-1740 e-mail

Race News Sept 2013
September brings us to the end of another Cal 20 racing season. This season has been one of transition for our fleet, with the passing of Barry Hamilton, retirement of Bud Legg, relocation of Brad Knox, and the loss of others moving to the Viper fleet. Our numbers have been down from previous years, but our fun level is as high as usual.

The Cal 20 fleet participated in the inaugural King Harbor race week. This was a fine regatta, organized by Jim Murrell, with a 5 race event over two days on a windward leeward course . The first race had very light winds so the course was shortened to a virtual sprint. Brewhaha managed to finish first and Dave Smith on Penelope placed second, and Ray McVey on M2 third. Brian Lindquist, sailing Honu, was battling for the lead, but hit the mark and had to complete a circle.

In the second race, Honu renewed her love affair with the windward mark, had to do another spin after twerking the mark, giving Brewhaha, the lead to win this race as well.

In the third race, Honu, probably in a great hurry to hit the mark again, launched across the starting line with a fine start and finished way out in front. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize the Race Committee ruled he was over early, and continued to
sail the remainder of the course without restarting, resulting in a DNF. The beneficiary, again, was Brewhaha, who manage to get yet another first place. Back at the dock there were great festivities: food, tequila tasting, and a great band, and the Bud Light girls delivering beer to the thirsty crews. After a hard day’s racing, Cal 20 sailors appreciate free beers served by girls wearing dresses tighter than shrink wrap.

The next day, Honu sailed with renewed confidence with a great start on the fourth race, managing to sail past the windward mark without hitting it. However, the next leg up the course, Honu was greeted by not one, but two windward marks! The Race Committee was giving the fleet an on-the-water pop quiz on the racing rules. Half the fleet went to
the new mark. Brian was probably deciding which mark should he hit, or perhaps he should just play pinball and bounce off both of them. The Brewhaha crew decided that this would be a great opportunity to finally read the sailing instructions, scratched their heads, flipped a coin, then followed Honu back to the original mark. It was finally decided by the Race Committee that the original mark was the correct
one, meaning the rest of the fleet went around the wrong one.

The final race was relatively uneventful, and marked by great sailing, wind shifts, and lead changes. Honu won that race, followed by Ray and Terry Taugner in M2. Just before trophy presentations Brian got one more surprise: the standings didn’t reflect the correct finish for the fourth race. In a great display of sportsmanship, the others in the fleet volunteered
to drop out, so Brian wouldn’t be unfairly penalized for rounding the correct mark, and he was awarded a well-deserved trophy for second place.

It was an awesome weekend for the entire fleet!!

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